This is a pre-wired and waterproofed version of the DS18B20 sensor. It can be used for long distance or in wet conditions. The sensor may be exposed to high temperatures (100°C) or low temperatures(-50°C) with PVC cable. Because it is digital, you don't get any signal degradation even over long distances! These 1-wire digital temperature sensors are fairly precise (±0.5°C) and can output to 12 bits of precision from the onboard analog-to-digital converter. They can work with the same digital pin of the microcontroller, each one has a unique 64-bit ID burned in at the factory to differentiate them. Usable with 3.0-5.0V systems.

Model Temperature Seosor
Protocol Dallas 1-Wire
Cable PVC cable
Supply Voltage 3.0~5.0VDC
Dimension Tube is 6*50mm,Cable is 1m*4mm
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